8x 12x 16x = 9-12 min?!



I just recently bought the Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWlD2 (1673) rebadge. I wasn’t burning at 16x so I thought maybe I can upgrade the firmware to burn at 16x speed. So I i try try 3 different firmware. starting jws5 to 1693s kso4 to 1673 js07 back to 1693s then back to jws5 (thanks code guy for f/w). I think i flash the firmware so much I damage my dvd writer seriously but it never really did burn at 16x speed anyways. I use to get a pretty decent reading with jws5 now after flashing it so much the reading is drastically horrible so i flash it to lite on 1693s and decided to keep it that way. The fastest I had ever burn was with memorex jws5 at 8x around 7:30 somthing second. 12x and 16x took about 9-12 minutes to burn. jso7 8x - 9 min 12x 16x took 12min. 1693s ks04 8x took 8:30-9:40 sec 12x and 16x took 9- 12 min. No matter what firmware I use the 8x burn faster than a 12x and 16x for this dvd writer. I first call the tech at memorex he said the factor it could be the speed of my cpu. He said that in order for the dvd writer to read at 16x your gonna need a cpu that has a 2 ghz or higher cpu.Anyways after flashing to 1673 and 1693 then flashing back to jws5 my dvd writer have write even slower then before (way slower). Can someone please explain the reason for it being the way it is 8x = 9 min 12x and 16x finish in 10-12 min. is it about right or is there somthing wrong here. I know this dvd writer have known issue on not to write dvd speed at 16x but how come its slower than advertise: Full dvd burn in approximately 7 min (box advertise). could it be just my comp?

1.2 ghx athlon ( old outdated)
160 gb 7200 rpm memorex
512mb ram
DMA on


it depend on how you are writing and what you are writing!!! for example if you are burning using nero recode with "burn at once " activated, then you athlon 1.2 is way too slow !!!
The best way is to burn a data disc using nero cd-dvd speed!!! taht way you will know how fast your burner really is!!
After having flashed so much your drive, you’d better clean the memory using the “eeprom utility” “reset learnt media” function. You can download it here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=83441


Im burning data as for now not recoding yet. As for Nero cd/dvd speed test it has a constant curve and also hit 16x by the end of the test. I also did Performance test on kprobe simulation and it also have a constant curve and hit 16x by the end of 4.3gb so I imagine my burner is able to hit 16x right? average is 12x when it come to the speed test. But overall I should sill be burning around 7-8 not at 12 mins am i correct? or is there more to it.

by the way thanks for the info on eeprom utility i didn’t know i have to clean out the memory after flashing it… I think i flash my dvd writer over 15 time that one day trying to make it run at its best plus i didnt have the original firmware (newbie to dvd) but thanks to codeguy i got the original firmware back.


sombody, anyone, is this problem common or is there any other way to solve this ? it is memorex jws5 (rebadge of 1763) now it is liteon 1693s ks04. Please comment on any experience you have with a similar writer or if you have similar experience and what did you do to solve it.?


this happens to me (8x writing ~ 12mins) when my pc is running for a long time (6 days without restart).


well my 16x write in 12 min and my 8x write in 8-9 minute … so i can’t really figure out the problem for it to be acting like that and as for my 12x it writes in 9-10 minutes… haha iono its crazy buying a dvd burner that burn faster at low speed just doesn’t sound right.


If you can hit 16X at the end, then your burner is fine!!! You said DMA on! your drive should be running ultra DMA 4. Make sure it does!


what if DMA is running on 2? how much of a difference does that make when burning at 16x?


liteon drives are designed to run dma 4!!! I don’t know if they can reach full speed at dma 2.
May be some one else can answer!


UDM2 is not enough (not enough data trnsfer) to burn at 16 for sure … even for 12x … i had UDM2 and i know … get 80 pin cable … for me it will fix problem


I think you got your answer!!


thanks everyone for all your help , I will get the 80 pin cable and see what happen


OOoooOO just check my hardware section and it says that primary IDE channel is set to ultra DMA 4 , secondary is on DMA2- Im guessing Primary IDE channel would be the master so… yes i would say my dvd writer is on Ultra DMA4 anymore suggestion guys on why its not burning the way it should be?


if Your HDD is on UDAM2 is the same situation …

HDD >>> UDAM2 >>> mainboard…etc >>> UDAM4 >>> LiteOn

is same as

HDD >>> UDAM4 >>> mainboard…etc >>> UDAM2 >>> LiteOn

because data transfer is block to UDMA2

U got 2 cables ?? 1 to HDD and 1 to Burner ?? - if Yes Buy 80 pin cable and connect by it the device which is on UDMA2 now
U got 1 cable ?? (which device is on master / slave) - buy 80 pin cable and connect toburner
U got 2 cables 80 pin ? - go to hardware menager delete second IDE chanel and reboot


@ besmirch

My liteon (DMA4) is connected as master with my BenQ (DMA2) onto the same rounded cable !!!
I have absolutly no transfert PB!!!


i mean if HDD working whit UDMA 2 data transfer from drive is UDMA2 so if u are burning DATE from HDD date form HDD will be sended UDMA2 soo if u have UDMA4 Burner … its not enough data transfer from hdd


That’s very difficult to understand.


If HDD sending date whit speed 25.0 MB/s (UDMA2… it’s max never reached) and burner to burn at 16x need to get date whit speed 44.4 MB/s (UDMA4 it’s max never reached)


>>> - date
. - space :stuck_out_tongue:

u see Burner (UDM4) dont use all bandwitch (there is free space to send more date) becase cant get more date from HDD (UDMA2)

if its still not clear … tell me i will made grafic file whit this :stuck_out_tongue:

btw i am sure abote Valume of those transfers but still UDMA2 < UDMA4


Yeah I understand what your saying. I did some research on ide channel primary and secondary myself and reach a conclusion. My last post I thought my dvd writer was on udma4 since i thought primary means master. Obviously I was wrong, It reads my Hdd as udma4 and dvd burner and DMA2. I also understand what your trying to say, so my question and guess be that even if my hdd transfer at udma4x and dvd burn at DMA2 i still wont reach the full potential burn of the dvd is that correct? because of the DMA2 mode. Another question I have is how am I able to change DMA2 mode to UDMA4 without the 80 cable pin? is their a via ide controller that I can dl to enable UDMA4 since my secondary ide channel is lock on DMA2. Oh by the way thanks for explaing primary and seconday.


You need an 80-pin cable