8mm to dvd

Can anyone point me in the right direction? My aunt and uncle came by with lots of 8mm reels that show on a projector. These were taken of family between 1950’s untill early 1970’s. They also brought by the projector. It is no sound on the 8mm tapes.

What do i need to get them to my computer harddrive or to dvd? Eventually they will want still pictures off these and also they want to play these from dvd.

I haven’t done it personally but from what I understand, your best bet is to just play it on a projector and record it on a digital video camera. There are various boxes that are supposed to improve it like this
but you are still just using a projector and a digital camera. I have heard that just projecting it on paper and recording it do nearly as well. I think their are some guides as well as instructions on doing it floating around out there but I cannot recall where. I do seem to remember hearing more than once that you shouldn’t use a normal screen as it diffuses the light wrong or something. A white piece of paper or poster board is supposed to work better. The only thing beyond that is getting a professional service to do it and they are generally not cheap.
Hope that helps point you in the right direction. I would try searching for guides on just projecting it and recording the projection with a digital camera.

You might find a little more here.

Thanks so much ripit. I am reading both links and it is no easy way it seems unless you pay and get it done but i am reading and learning. Both links are of great help to me and i am reading a i type this. I like what i am reading at MovieStuff.

My uncle left me a number for someone close by where we are. I just called him and where MovieStuff gets $20.00 per 50 feet. One small roll is 50 feet and it plays for 3 minutes. This guy close to us gets $4.00 per 50 feet or $4.00 per small spool. He does it the same way as the links. He has a variable speed 8mm projector. Then a digital camera and records it over to dvd and adds music. I’m in TN and he said he was working on some now for someone in NM and Mi. So i guess he does this all over.

I am going to tell my uncle and suggest this because the expense of me trying to do all this and getting the equipment wouldn’t be worthwhile comparred to what this guy is doing it. Then when i get them to dvd, i’ll see if they make a device where i can stop the picture or frame and print it out or make a jpg and send off and get 4x6’s or something.

This has been a great learing experience and thanks again.

Hi. I converted about 30 years of 8mm film to dvd myself with excellent results. I even combined video with photos of the actual events that were being filmed.

Hi. I converted about 30 years of 8mm film to dvd myself with excellent results. I even combined video with photos of the actual events that were being filmed. It was an amazing experience in that I was seeing long dead relatives moving about there normal lives…I then made a nicely edited package with music and sent it out to many relatives. In all, it was about 10 hours of video.

I set up a screen with a variable speed projecter (got everything from ebay for a couple of hundred bucks) fed the film through and recorded it all with a digital video cam. After getting it into the computer, I sifted through and organized everything as best I could by date, edited it nicely with Adobe Premiere and saved many, many memories that were in effect loss. It was a great project.

You can then playback your DVD with any of several players that will allow you to capture frames. Good luck…