8mm to Digital (simplified)

OK so i have loads of old 8mm tapes but my camcorder broke many years ago (i now have a digital HDD one) and so no way of being able to watch all my old movies. I really want to get them onto my (apple mac) laptop but have no clue how… i have a lot of tapes so getting a professional to do it would cost way too much.

I’ve tried reading other responses to questions similar to mine but i don’t get all the computery lingo.

i just need some simple advice on the cheapest/easiest way to do this.

i don’t mind forking out for a second hand camcorder and some wires if needs be.

i miss these movies so much!
please help!


From having a quick look you are going to need to get hold of either an 8mm tape player or a second hand camcorder that excepts 8mm tapes to get the footage onto your pc.

You could likely pick up a used camcorder on eBay for a decent price.