8mm tapes to HDD; connection question



Hi Freaks, this is my first time here. I’ve started a project I’ve never done before. I’m wanting to transfer my 8MM tapes to my hard drive. Then burn a DVD or CD. It’s a Sony CamCorder which I would like to sell, but want to move the video off the tapes before I do. It’s about 16 years old, so there aren’t the usual connections i.e. USB etc. Just RCA.

Is there a cable that has RCA on one end and USB on the other? Or is that what I need? As you can see, I need a little assistance. I suppose I could visit the local Radio Shack or computer store, but that would be too easy. And, one of you freaks wouldn’t have the pleasure of showing off your knowledge.

Any input would be appreciated.




Larry, You can also start a new thread, but I will try and answer you question here. What you need is a capture device that has the rca jacks on it. For example, a video card, ATI video cards usually have these jacks. Or you can purchase a capture device that has rca jacks on one end, and usb or firewire on the other. It would be best if you have usb 2.0 for this otherwise firewire (IEEE1394) would be better. You would need software to convert the video, and then authoring software to make a dvd, and then a burning software (these are sometimes together) Hope this helps.


Welcome to the forum Larry ! Yes I can see you need a lot of assistance and going to Radio Shack or Computer Store would be to easy, you need a cable that has RCA on one end and USB on the other sold at Radio Shacks. You can also find some thing you might want to read up on Here Hope you find it helpful :confused: