8MB buffer drives

A few weeks ago I did some research trying to find out if the 716A is the only 8 MB buffer drive. I couldn’t come up with anything - because frankly if you search for those keywords - you get a ton of pages about this drive.

Anyway - I had thought that there were two dvd drives out there that had the 8MB buffer. Am I wrong?

plextor 708 , 712, 716 all have 8mb buffers, the old sony model 510a had 8mb buffer also

I wonder why this never caught on.

8MB HD cache’s caught on relatively quick - I would have thought that with such high speed burning, 8MB cache on dvd drives would be rather popular.

708A has only 2mb buffer.712A and 716A have 8mb buffers :slight_smile:


I thought 708 had 8mb buffer too, I stand corrected :slight_smile:

A HD hardware cache might reuse the buffered data over and over (depending on the application), whereas an 8MB buffer on an optical drive that’s moving 22MB of data per second while burning - data that’s not reused at all - doesn’t mean much when the buffer is only capable of holding .33 seconds worth of data.

On a (slower) CD-only burner, the 8MB buffer might have made a difference in the absence of BURN-Proof technology, but buffer size these days is largely irrelevant. IMHO the 8MB buffer is just a selling point.

in my experience, 8mb buffers REALLY help with on-the-fly burns…one of the sore points about the 708 series was the 2mb buffer. buffers come into play depending on the burning scenario and HW config.

Well the Plextor Premium (I know it’s a CD-writer and not a DVD-writer) also has 8Mb buffer and there are some (2 if I’m correct) CD-writers that had 16Mb thought the brand was Mitsumi.

edit, yep one was the Mitsumi CR-4809TE

dont worry mate! i own a 708A and its one thing i didnt like so i cant forget it lol

BENQ DW-822A has 8Mb buffer

The 8 MB buffer is good for burning GigaRec (where BURN Proof doesn’t work) with Premium / 712 / 716.

I never had any buffer underrun problems on 708 or any other drive with a “only” 2 MB burffer.