8gb RAM DRR3

I’m looking for some really good Hi-end 8gb RAM for ASROCK Fatal1ty 970 Performance. Can you help? Thank you.

The max that you can buy for your motherboard when it comes to speed will 2400, so i would probably choose to go one or two steps lower, closer to 1866 or 2133 and have more than 8GB.

A safe bet for me overtime has proven to be Kingston, I also was very pleased with Crucial, and also their website has a tool that will provide you all the info that you need to find how much memory your motherboard can support.
However every reputable manufacturer will have great quality on their ram.

For a starting point. try their list
Though in general, RAM is RAM.

If you want a total of 8GB, best to use an 8GB dual channel kit (2x 4GB) though sometimes it can be cheaper to buy as two 4GB - the kit won’t be any better than “two of the same”.

Looks like the top-end CPU’s for that support 1866 (non-overclocked) - actually, that seems to be standard for the AM3+ CPUs, compared to the AM3 CPUs where it was 1333.

You can run RAM slower than maximum, so even if you have a AM3 style CPU at the moment, I’d suggest DDR3-1866 so it would have full speed for an AM3+

Thank you for the review! I was just thinking about buying one Silicon Power Blaze B06. That thing is announced at 60MB/s write speed - Huh???