8GB PSP, mobile DVD viewing without the DVD or UMD?

I just posted the article 8GB PSP, mobile DVD viewing without the DVD or UMD?.

mrdataNY used our news submit to tell us “If this comes true, perhaps I will have a reason to get one of these. That is, if the price is fair…” Apparently, the…

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8 GB ? Hobbled already ! They just don’t get it. Use the most common and larest-capacity format, compact flash or SD, not some propietary format, specially if it cannot be upgraded. If it can’t eventaully be upgraded to higher capacities then :r

One of my mates in work got a clip-on hard drive thingy that plugs into the memory card slot and wraps around the back of the PSP. It’s got a 6 gig (I think) drive and it quite snazzy, but it does make the PSP feel odd with the uneven weight distrobution. Anyway, he converts his own DVD’s to the PSP’s format, loads them onto the disc and away he goes with about 4 films and loads of songs to listen to all day. Lucky bugger :frowning:

hmm, must not be selling to well against the competition, to bring out variants so quickly! Oh well, given it is a SONY, a brand name to be avoided like the bubonic plague!, look at their Bravia LCD tv’s with the built in 1200 hour bug! Choices, don’t you love them!

theres something wrong with this oh yes i remember what it is it’s sony:r crash n burn

Um Nintdeno Ds was first with it’s DS LITE so is Nintendo doing best
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“not allow the sale of blank UMD discs, so to me, it was worthless” And I suppose a video iPod is also worthless because you can’t play games on it?

No Legal support of DVD’s unless Sony modifies future Sony DVD releases.