8gb flash drive not recognised by XP



hi , guys just bought myself an 8 gb integral courier flash drive - but my XP system will not recognise it , have tried disk management , services , device manager says device not working properly and gives me error code 1… yet I know that the drive is totally functioning cause I tried it on my daughters PC - no problems.
Of course all these things are supposed to be automatically detected by xp - but for now I cant figure out what is up , any help would be gratefully appreciated




Are you using all of your lower Drive letters?
Some USB devices need a lower Drive letter on your computer to work.


Thanks bean 55 for the reply - Ive tried everything but the kitchen sink!! so the only option is a re install of XP , and as I have 125 programs running thats a lot of tears for me :sad: lol

thanks anyway man for your reply!!



So you had a lower drive letter available and it would not see it still ?
That usually does the trick.

Driver E or F are the best 2 to free up and use for USB Devices like flash drives.

ARe you sure it was error code 1 and not 10.
You can try this out:

Hope that helps.


Hey I’m having a similar problem too!


Are you using xp as an OS because I read that service pack 3 can cause problems regarding USB flash drives and external hard drives - can you remember when your problems started - maybe it was after this download ?
You can uninstall this pack 3 - Ive read a few forums about its problems so that could be the cause , but personally Im ready for a re install of XP as my pc has been running for over 2 years with multiple users on it - so Im sure theres a lot of junk has been downloaded without my knowledge , hope this helps , let me know o.k. mate