8cm cds

Does anyone know where to buy like a 10 pack of blank 8 cm cds? I have done a search for them and no one seems to have them. If anyone has a link please post it. This has nothing to do with the subject but also how do they make labels on the cd (Do you need a machine??). Not the paper ones you print. The ones you like buy in the stores (game or audio cds) Thank you much!


shameless plug for www.qtccdr.com :cool:
Have lotsa special stuff that you don’t normally find.

There are inkjet CD printers and thermal. Inkjet is the cheaper way to go, but they do require a special “printable” layer on the disc. dunno if this works but www.ezcdprinting.com sells the printer i think.

Try CompUSA. They are selling both CD-R’s and CD-RW’s in the 8cm format.