8cm cds


Does some one knows of there 8cm cdrw are availeble on the market.
I don’t know where I can buy them so if some one knows where
response on this post.

:slight_smile: Greetz Mr Me :slight_smile:

Yes, there are available.

The cdrw are there for the digicam from Sony, the mvc-cd200 and cd300. They can use the rewritable feature from the cds.

see also this link:



I only search now for a shop in holland where I can buy them.

Greetz Mr Me

I think you must search the shops where there are selling photostuff, If you are in The Hague, I know a shop who has them… don’t know the pricetag!

or go looking for some webshops like:

there for sell 3x for 69 guilders (to much, if you ask me)

the typenumber is: mcrw-156a

or check http://www.opussupplies.nl (one of the larges shop with cdr’s) or call them!

good luck!

Thanks crazytaxi,

I have opus mailed and they don’t have them :frowning:
But the other one is too expensive.
I think I wait till they are cheaper.

Greetz Mr Me

I will look around for you…

so if I find any (with a nice pricetag on it) I will let you know okey?

okay and thanks again.

Greetz Mr Me

Originally posted by MR Me

I have opus mailed and they don’t have them :frowning:

Strange, I just found this on their page:

PLMINI10 Platinum mini-cdr 23min./200Mb per 10-pack 13.85 (16.48)
€ 6.28 (€ 7.48)

They are at the bottom of the cd-r page

hello DaFox,

He request cdr-w on 8cm cds, the REwritetable ones !!!

not cdr but cdr-w.

Oops :wink:

CDRW mini:
Click this for CDRW MINI

for CDR 100 pack (I bought them - $48 u.s. for 100 bulk) very good 12x): Click this for 100 pack CDR $48 us dollars