8cm CD problem

I was given a Sony Photo Vault as a present recently to download and store images from my digital camera. It uses 8cm (3.25 inch) CDs to store the images. I suspect that the download from the camera to the CD works OK, but I haven’t been able to play the 8cm CD since my desktop computer doesn’t seem to recognize it, and neither does my laptop (both are kinda old, in PC years) So I was considering getting a

1- Internal CD drive/burner that recognizes 8cm CDs without a problem, and/or
2- Ideally, a portable CD drive/burner that recognizes 8cm CDs but one which isn’t too expensive (note as expensive as the Photovault itself!) or heavy etc.

Any suggestions or tips on how I should proceed? Product recommendations?

If the CDs you burn are finalized, then they should work in your drives. It doesn’t take anything special to read 8cm (except for a drive that can physically load them).

And if your drives can’t physically load them, there are ring adapters that make 8cm cds full size.