8cm 300MB CD's


Does anyone know if any (mp3)CD-player can play 300MB 8cm CD’s?


yah… ask my father in law.:bigsmile:

just kidding… i dont know.

Most can, I’m yet to see one that cannot.
If you’re concerned about those discs, you could always buy one that only plays those mini CDs, they look cooler because of that. :bigsmile:
But, apart from them, every portable player, even the non-MP3 ones, can.
Home stereos are a tougher call, the tray models will if they have an indentation for them. Odd loading systems (Like my stereo with Sony MegaStorage disc loading system) might not play them because they’re not the size of a normal CD.

The problem is not that I cannot play them in my stereo. I want to know if a 300MB cd is going to work, since all the normal CD’s talk about 200MB 8cm CD’s. Waht is the difference between the 200MB and 300MB versions since they are both 8cm (it can’t be overburning)?


Oh, now I understand your question.
The difference on those is that the track pitch is smaller, much like the 90/99-min 12cm CDs, so their reader compatibility is smaller, but most newer players should be able to read them (just like a lot of players read 90/99 nowadays.).
Contrary to their 90/99 minute companions, they do not need to be overburned since 300MB is still a valid capacity for a CD. It’s just out of spec on the track pitch department.

Thanks for your reply.

I just was hesitating to buy a Mambo P209, and since it’s quite new, it will probably have no problems reading the 300MB discs.