89 minute CD?

I would like to know how to reduce the size of an mp3 file?
The file is currently 89 minutes long which obviousley will not fit on to an 80min cd. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Is it 89 minutes play time long or 89min CD capacity equivalent time? You can burn mp3s to a CD in data format as long as the total doesn’t exceed 650 or 700MB(74min disc 650, 80min is 700).

What burner do you have, you can attempt to overburn.

You’ll never overburn an 80min to that level, but with overburn support and 90 minute media, you’d get there.

As said, it also depends - if converting to an audio CD, TIME matters, if putting the file in as a data or MP3 CD, then filesize is the only thing that matters.

There is such thing as 99min media, but they’re out of spec and I don’t recommend them for reliability reasons.

what about some 90 min media, they are great! (also backups of games that dont work on ANY 80min media work fine on 90min!, 90min CD-R cost about $1 a disc)


ps. u havnt got a hope of overburning 80 min media to 89 mins

just split the file up and b urn it onto 2 discs :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :
i got a hard on

why not speed up the mp3 file 15%? then it will fit and sound hardly any different