88th comic - Garfield on his way to Mrs. Feeny - Part 1

Heya everybody,

Garfield wants to visit good ol’ Mrs. Feeny again… and what does he see? A new big dog is sitting in front of her door… oooops - that gets interesting!!

If you could see his smiling face - then you would know what he is thinking!
Stay tuned for a new “Garfield’s revenge series” with Mrs. Feeny’s dog!

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Alex “Rylex”

PS: I wish you all a nice weekend and stay tuned for next weeks comics!

Great one Rylex.

That silly dog is just asking for it.

Nice one Rylex!
Can’t wait for the rest.
PS, about your picture, some girls at my school saw it and now they wan’t to marry you :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Womble! :slight_smile: The story will continue next week… you’ll get some cool new dog comics!

@nooby god - some girls who want to marry me? Are you serious??? Well… bad luck… I already got my girl :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Have a good time everybody and see you all on Moday!
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