88 minutes

88 miutes is freezing and locking dvd player. anyone know of any solutions or having the same problem.

Are you speaking of an original disc, a full copy, a compressed copy or what? If a copy, what burner and media did you use?

Yeah likephilamber said we need more info to help you. Is it a back up you trying to play in your dvd player or is dvdfab freezing up when you are trying to back it up

It is a copy that I made with dvdfab that is freezing in my dvd player.

OK, What is the brand of blank media you used? set dvdfab to burn at half the rated speed of the banks you have. But still let us know what the name is of them blanks. Also what are the settings you are using for dvdfab? Let us know and we can recommend some settings to try

I am using Sony and the default settings for dvdfab. I actually updated to the newest version last night and reburned it while I was in bed and so far so good.

Did you backup the full Dvd or movie only? Did you burn it on to Dvd+R or Dvd-R? If Dvd+R, was it booktyped to Dvd-Rom? If you did movie only, did it actually start to play?