$879 Blu-ray laptop from Dell

I just posted the article $879 Blu-ray laptop from Dell.

Today Dell introduced their newest Inspiron 1525 with optional Blu-ray Disc playback starting at only $879. Dell’s Inspiron 1525 features a 15.4-inch high definition wide aspect display with 720p…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14442-879-Blu-ray-laptop-from-Dell.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/14442-879-Blu-ray-laptop-from-Dell.html)

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Cool! I’m Sold!

The key phrase in this article is “…starting at only $879…”. If you select the Blu-Ray drive, it adds $250.00 to the price.

“Posted by buggsy (guest) on Tuesday 01 April 2008 01:52 The key phrase in this article is “…starting at only $879…”.” What’s your point? You can buy the laptop, including the Blu-Ray for $879.00.
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No you don’t. The article reads, “…with optional Blu-ray Disc playback…” and “…starting at only $879…”. Notice the words “optional” and “starting”. If you go to Dell’s website and try to buy a 1525 with a Blu-ray drive, it will cost you $250.00 MORE THAN $879. The article’s title is misleading. “$879 Blu-ray laptop from Dell” is not a true statement. You cannot buy a Blu-ray laptop for $879. You can buy one with a regular Cd/DVD drive for $879, but adding a Blu-ray drive will cost you at least $250.00 more. And that is just a Blu-ray player. If you want a Blu-ray burner, it will cost evenmore that an extra $250.00.

change the title please to $1130 bluray laptop

Nice catch, buggsy. Death to Crap-ray !!! :r

On the other hand, you can get an $809 Dell Inspiron 530 DESKTOP with Blu-ray drive (player only) and NO MONITOR. It won’t fit on your shelf as nicely as a laptop, but its not bad for a PC and a Blu-ray drive.