870728 - Changing username/password

hi all
i need to change the username/password of my HUAWEI SmartAX MT800 ADSL Modem which it uses to connect to the internet at specified times of day when i’m not at home by it or by the computer which is connected to it.
is there any command that i may send to the modem for this purpose to be done non-interactively?

You will probably have to contact your ISP to do that.

oh! it’s not to be so difficult!
i can’t do that anyway, i’ve to write a batch file to be run on my computer and simulates the browser functionality just for this special case, not to be a complete browser with all of its functionalities.
it has to request the page and navigates to the page by sending proper requests to the modem, fills in the boxes of username and password and hit the submit button in the same way as the browser itself does.
that’s it.
so i think there must be a way, like writing a perl script which uses a perl module to connect to the built-in web server of the modem…
any idea?