852S (slim) and media...what to buy?

Hi all…
I have to buy some media from www.nierle.de for my wife’s father
He had problems with R- (i gave him some Ritek G04 that I use with my Pioneer) so I read here that liteons almost prefer R+ but I never bought R+ so I really don’t know what to buy…
he will prefer 4x (he doubts about 8x compatibility) and this is what I found:

PRODYE-Black V4 4x (Media code/Mfr ID POMSC001002)
RICOH 8x (Media code/Mfr ID RICOHJPNR02)
TDK 8x (Media code/Mfr ID MBIPG101R04)
VERBATIM 8x (Media code/Mfr ID MCC 003)
DATAWRITE 4x (Media code/Mfr ID RICOHJPNR01)
RIDISC 4x (Media code/Mfr ID RICOHJPNR01)

all your hints will be appreciated !!!

Verbatim media works very good with liteon drives, so take the verbatim mcc003.

@ boboli

If 4x is good enough for your father-in-law then both RicohJPNR01 brands are very good. They should be affordable too!

:iagree: Leo