851s write strat. and firmware?



I’ve looked and looked and can’t find exactly what i’m looking for, so maybe a few of you could help me out? i’m getting…not the best results with my 851s with GSOK (no matter how i patch the firmware (GSOP was worse)) using 4x maxell (Ricohjpn R01)
anyone know a good write strat. + firmware (with or without hacks) that will work the best with the 851s? i’ve seen people posting scans at 4x with less than 50 PI and 1-4 for PO. any help is appreciated.



@ carpe
Try upgrading your burner to 851@832 CG3E. Use Omnipatcher and select ‘Apply recommended media tweaks’ along with ‘increase…’, ’ Enable auto-bitsetting’, ’ 'Fix the ‘dead drive…’. The ‘tweaks’ should burn your R01’s @ 8x with good results


well, okay, this is from 851s@832s, CG3E, burned at 8x. It’s like I get crappy burns, no matter what the speed, no matter what the firmware, no matter what omnipatcher extras enabled or disabled. i’m about ready to give up and just assume all my burns are gonna be crap. anyone out there help me?


@ carpe
That is actually a pretty good burn when considering the importance of PIF over PI. The PIF are well within specs of a great burn, those single spikes being typical of CG3E and they are not harmful. Your PI’s kinda suck, and the tower between 20f41 and 4fe37 does go beyond specs for a good burn. That may be from your drive being a bad scanner. Can you scan on another burner/rig? Try a cd/dvd speed scan also to see that results. Does the disc play/read with no freezes or pixelated spots in that area? That is always the final test. Is this your first burn with the new firmware? Your burns may improve. You could try clearing the EEPROM learnt media if you continue to get marginal burns. You could also try a 4x burn to see if that gives better results. I will say again that your PIF’s are excellent!!


was just messing around, trying to figure some stuff out on my own, so i went back to 851s firmware, an older one actually GSOF. different media though, this is ritekg04 and it’s a -R disc, but i’m gonna try a +R of my Ricohjpn R01 with this firmware and see what i get.


ok, so i reset the eeprom, and blammo, first burn is already good. for anyone who didn’t catch the first part, got my 851s fw: GS0F with recommended tweaks, auto bitsetting, faster read speed. writing on Maxell (RicohJpn R01) 4x +, at 8x. first result with this config :slight_smile: