851s:unable burn dvd-r


lite on 851 s work well with all cdr+r
but read errors with datawrite ritek G04 dvd-r (yellow disc, 4x)
i upgrade firmware, 2x burn:always errors
help me please

Before I begin, please do not crosspost. One is enough. I’ve deleted your other two posts.

First off, it might be a media-related problem. Ritek media can be very variable in quality, and I’ve had great Ritek media (like my G04s that burn wonderfully on my 851S) as well as some not-so-great Ritek media. Something that you may want to try doing is burning some other types of (good) media to see how well they burn. If they burn well, then it’s likely that you just got a bad batch of Ritek media. If they also don’t burn well, then it may indicate that either you have a damaged burner (in which case, you should exchange it) or there is something wrong with your system setup (software, configuration, etc.)

Also, try burning your discs at 4x. Sometimes, burning slower than the rated speed can cause higher errors.

thanks :slight_smile: