851s problems

i have owned this drive for about 3 months, and most times if i play a burned disc in my standalone, it will freeze in places and stop for good towards the end.
ive started reading all the kprobe stuff, and compared to others my pi averages between 300 and 1000.
i aquired some ritek g04 media and even these give me average 300.
updated to the GSC2 firmware and its made results worse.
the firmware thats seems to produce least errors is GS02, and even that is around the 200 mark.
do you think the drive is faulty?
if so where in the UK do you rma .
thanks for any help

What are the media types that you’ve tried? Given Ritek’s recent performance, I would certainly not call them good (there are batches floating around that cause problems with all sorts of burners, not just LiteOn). If the media that you’ve tried is good, then you have a defective unit.

they are orange coloured discs that say (GRADE A MEDIA) and are identified as ritek go4.
whats annoying me most, is before the liteon i had a pioneer a104, and i could burn any cheap and nasty disc, and it would play perfect on my standalone perfect.
if its a case of i have to buy the most expensive media everytime because this drive is extra fussy, then i think i shall return it anyway.
but once again how do you rma things.
i am in the UK thanks.

them orange types? with liteon, stay the hell away from those.
Want to burn cheap and nasty? try the pioneer 106 (don’t know about 107), and maybe the nec25x0.

so are you saying that my lite-on drive is not in the same class as the ones you have mentioned ?

When it comes to burning cheap media, esp. cheap -R media, the LiteOn suffers.

can i ask what discs i should try, to see if it is a media or drive problem.