851S Problem!

[I]I am having problems writing data files to my DVD -R ?

Im wanting to write 3.99gb to a Infinity DVD -R 2X 4.7gb
but 2 times now i have tried it has failed :confused:

The error it gives me on nero screen is invalid block address
and then continues ot write to the end of the disk and
comes up with another error @ the end “failed to write final maybe something
I forget the error now but you get the idea ?

I have a LiteON 851S origional firmware was installed @ the time GS08
but i have just installed the latest GS0F to see if that would fix
the problem maybe :wink: “Not tested it yet though”

And then thought better and came here for some help off
you guys to see if anyone could recognise the first error
i am recieving, OR gimme some pointers …


[I]I forgot to add that im trying to backup my regular
download’s, drivers, game patches, programs that i used
and regular updates and stuff, ext ext…

Normaly it would take me about 5/6/ or 7 normal cdrw’s
but i got the drive today and 2 coasters so far :confused: which isn’t a good sign :Z …

So any help would be appreciated :wink: [/I]

[I]Appologise yet again but i found the other error i
was recieving, here it is below …

Could not perform EndTrack

Hope this helps a little more[/I]

Post the Nero log from a failed burn (a simulation might be enough to provoke the problem), minus the few lines at the top that contain the serial number. Without that, it’s much harder to know what’s happening.

It would also be a good idea to get some DVD-RW or DVD+RW media for testing.