851S Probe Problems

Ok, I’m getting more and more suspicious that there may be SERIOUS issues with my 851S drive.

I’m using the latest actual 851S firmware from CodeGuys.

I have some media that’s Prodisc R02 +R media. It burns GREAT (PIF average at 0.01, PI average at like 4-10), but there’s a gigantic spike (to upwards of 300-400) at the end. :frowning: I was tempted to chalk it up to it being cheap media (store brand, despite being Prodisc R02).

I have some media that’s CMC F01. It gets “ok” burns (PIF under 2, PI around 100) but again has the GIGANTIC spike at the end. It’s HP media, would have thought it would at least be consistent.

Now the past few burns, no matter WHAT media I use, seem to be reading abnormally high.

I burned one movie onto these new Fuji 8x +R’s (Taiyo Yuden T02), and despite having PI consistently above 600 the movie plays fine. I think something is causing the readings to be REALLY skewed.

But I burned another Fuji 8x +R and the readings were super terrible and I’m not sure how good it was (turns out I burned it PAL by mistake). I’d hate to keep burning these things over and over and keep making coasters… does it sound like my drive is going wonky?

Oh by the way - the scans all tend to look MUCH better in my DVD-ROM (Lite-on 166S). :frowning:

if you are using + disks at 8x i would get matching firmware or any other that takes your fancy from codekings page and run it through omnipatcher…1 of the options in omnipatcher is force fallback…this stops the ramp at the end of + burning disks…its not only you that gets this ramp its a common problem and this is codekings help at reducing that…
or use the quality firmware from codekings page. that is based on quality over speed and is designed for better results with + media