851S Possible To Burn DVD-R @ 8x?



I own a LiteOn 851S DVDRW my local market where i buy my dvdrs has dropped its price of 8x DVD-R Media by nearly half, i was wondering is it possible with either new firmware etc to burn at 8x ON DVD-R safely? it can burn DVD+R at 8x so perhaps DVD-R aswell or is this just wishful thinking? :confused:


Also my 85IS is taking around 14 seconds to acknowledge a dvd the only ones ive tried are dvd-r (many different brands) and a dvd+rw disc and many pressed dvds. ive tried the DVDRW on the cable by itself and it did this on my old machine is this normal? but once its in the drive and acknowledged its fine. burns are good quality and never have problems just seems along time to acknowledge a disc.


My 851s also takes around 14 seconds. I figure it should take about 5 times longer than a cd - more cataloguing to do, but that is just a guess. Im sure the gurus will know about the 8x burning - but its going to be probably a journey of coasters on the path to freedom


No, you can’t do 8x -R.

On that note, LiteOn drives prefer +R media. You’re probably better off getting 4x +R media and overspeeding them to 8x.