851S - not seen as a DVD writer

I have just bought a Liteon 851S DVD writer, but Nero seems tro see it as just a CD writer, not a DVD writer.

It plays DVD’s just fine, but, for example in Nero in “Choose recorder”, it just shows Image Recorder - virtual device, but does not display the DVD drive underneath that, as one ,might expect.

I have tried the Liteon 851S in 2 PCs now, and with 3 different versions of Nero. And again, samer prob, will offer to let me write CD’s , but not DVD’s.

Any help appreciated



Try updating Nero. I have no trouble w/my 851S

Hi RichDM

I just bought an 851s and am using it with Nero. It all works OK at my end (which I guess is no comfort to you!)…but my guess is that it can’t be anything TOO serious.

As per the previous post, try reinstalling Nero


To see if it is indeed a Nero problem try installing the bundled RecordNow that came with your drive.

Which version of nero are you using?
I had a similar problem with my 411s and nero5. I updated to Nero 6 and it was recognised.
Is the drive recognised as a dvd writer in windows?

I can’t see the 851 in the supported drive list on ahead.de but I know it works with nero 6.3.03.
have a look at this link (answer no. 3 )

If you need to update to nero 6.3.03 I find that the Ahead site’s downloads are very slow.
Use this mirror instead

It takes a few seconds to start but once started is pretty quick

i have the external 8515usb,i was able to purchase nero6 retail which i updated on the nero site.nero recognises the drive as a dvdwriter.so i think you need to upgrade nero as it deffinately works ok for me. i use dvd shrink which then burns with nero fine.colin