851s help please

pretty new to this stuff, so what i would like to know is, are my scans so bad because of cheap media, or is there something wrong with my drive.
used bulkpaq 8x dvd+r, burnt at 4x.
can you suggest which brand i should buy?
also the disc still played ok in my standalone.
many thanks.

The errors are pretty high indeed. If I get errors that high, the disc usually won’t play back. So if it plays back in your standalone, I wonder if your drive has subpar reading abilities and is consequently reporting too many errors.

heres another scan using a ritek dvd-r 4x, burnt at 4x.
i think most people have been getting good results with this disc, mine still seems poor.
i think i will install my old dvd-rom, and try reading with that.
if it still reads the same can i assume my 851s is not functioning well, or could it be other things.