851s Firmware


I just got a LiteOn 851s driver. I only burn DVD-R media (RiTEKG04 and Princo) and I was wondering which firmware to use?

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get the sony dru 700a VY06 firmware from codekings page and run through omnipatcher with cross flashing enabled…
VY06 handles - disks very well…particularly ritek G04 also bear in mind the 2 media you mentioned. G04 are very good if you get a good batch…if you get a bad batch then most are coasters and G04 vary greatly since they stopped quality control…also princo are very cheap media.
but i allways use G04 in combination with VY06 and get very good quality burns.
heres a kprobe from 1 of my G04 posted in another thread.

Thank you for the reply. just one question… How do I enable cross flashing?

Edit: oops. Found it

also be prepared to waste a couple of dvd’s as it takes about 3 or 4 burns to learn the strat properly…best way around it is to burn a 1 gig file 4 times on a single multisession dvd then give a full dvd a whirl…

Okey. I tried to burn a full dvd after flashing the firmware which didn’t turn out all that great. Burning a multisession dvd, is that the same as burning a dvd-rw (probably a stupid question)?

Thanks again for your help

Doesn’t seem to work all that great for me as can be seen from the attachment. Is there anyway to say if it is the firmware or media that is to blame?

I give up. I tried to use the VSOB with cross flashing but with the same result as can be seen below.

It seems that people that have a 851s usually use DVD+r media. Is it known to work better with that? Miss my good ol’ 811s :sad:

the 811s is a crap drive. try firmware CG3B from codeguys. and better use +r media and bookmark them to -rom. just enable bitsetting in omnipatcher. if it doesn’t work fine, u should flash to GS0K.

Okey will try that. Before updating the firmaware to CG3B do I have to cross flash the drive back to a 851s first?

Nope! Flash away!!


Thanks for the help. I will buy some +r media and try.

I looked in the media forum for a good media for the device but it is kind of confusing. Can someone please give me the name of a good media for the device? :bow:

Ritek go4 is hit and miss tbh, heres a scan of one of my go4 discs with my 851s @ cg3b

I tried updating the firmware to CG3B and bought some +r media but I still get the same horrible result. I’ve Spent more money on coasters then the device cost me now so I think it is time to give up. :a Thanks anyway for the help!