851S Dual Layer

Iv’e got an Liteon 851s with the lastest firmware version from Liteon. It appears to be reading and burning dual layer disks. Results are pretty good visually, no tests run. Does this drive have dual layer capability. How bout 451’s? Thanks.

Read the Liteon forum… the 451S and 851S will hack to an (almost) 832S - only limitation is the lack of 8x -R support.

Thank the Codeguys for their dedication to the cause of getting the most out of the Liteons.

Thanks…I’ve been registered and lurking around this EXCELLENT forum. I’ve got 851 and 451. I do most of my burning in -r but after Liteon firmware update I notice 851 can produce +r copies that are good to excellent from viewing standpoint anyway. I’m gonna proceed with caution. I’m using DVDSHRINK and highest version of Nero 5.

Now I’m baffled - are you saying it’s ALREADY burning DL, WITHOUT the hack?