851S Disc Recognition Time

hi, my 851s is taking 14.xx seconds to recognise a dvd this is any dvd a pressed film or a home made dvd, cds are taking 10.xx seconds, my 52246s only takes 5.xx seconds to read a cd, is this normal? a dvd+rw disc only takes 12.xx to be recognised, other than that the drive is fine.

ive been testing it using nero cd/dvd speed and nero dvd speed.

i have the dvdrewriter as master on the end of the 80 wire cable and the cdrewriter as slave in the middle all on the secondary ide channel

also ive been getting about 3 high po spikes at 180 in k’s probe and about 20 spikes over 32 which is supposed to be the limit but the average is under 10 is this ok or will these few high spikes make the dvd bad? the spikes are spread out not all bunched up together, thanks in advance!

could you give us some of your system’s specs?

Has your drive always been “slow” or is this a new occurance?<a href=“http://short-circuit.zapto.org”><img src=“http://short-circuit.zapto.org/freecomputerhelp.gif” border=0 alt=“Free Computer Help”></a>

My system specs are

AsRock K7S8XE
XP 2600+ 333 FSB 2.08 Ghz
512 DDR 333 Mhz
Fx 5200 128 Mb
80 Gig Samsung 7200 Rpm HDD
120 Gig WD 7200 Rpm HDD
350 watt PSU Upgrading to 550 watt pfc tested PSU 2MORROW!
Lite-On LDW-851S Firmware VGSO8
Lite-On LTR-52246S Firmware 6SOF

80 Gig Master 120 gig slave - primary IDE channel
851S Master 52246S Slave - secondary IDE channel

all setup properly on 80 wire IDE cables

14 seconds is average time to recognise a dvd even when the cdrwriter is disconnected

Your system prob has a bit to do with it…and how its configured…

My 851s takes about 10 seconds to register and update for dvd-r’s burnt at 4x.

About 7-8 seconds for original dvd’s.

I have noticed that recognition times vary from dvd to dvd…prob depending on quality of dvd and whether or not its single or dual layer.

ive just tested it on some dual layer dvds and its come back with 7.xx seconds so it seems its just with dvd-r media i use ritek and princo and according to k’s probe are good quality after a burn so aslong as they are good im not bothered about how long it takes, just wanted to make sure mt drive wasnt damaged.

also is it worth updating the firmware? i updated my 52246s a while ago should i do the same with the 851s? or could it cause problems ? i think there has been 2 new releases already, will it improve quality?

I’ve updated to GS0F myself…
Works fine so far…

If u’re drive isn’t hacked from a 451s, then you shouldn’t have any issues at all.

If it is hacked…make sure you hack the firmware executable before updating.

There are 1 or 2 threads on the quality of the new firmware update. Looks good so far.

But…if u aren’t having any issues and are happy with the quality of u’re burns, there really aren’t any real reasons to update.
(I’ve lost count of the number of times i’ve trashed my pc optimizing and updating the newest firmwarez and drivers)

The newer updates pretty much involve better media matching. I’m assuming that u’re not having problems with the current media u’re using.

Me…i like to test and mess around with different media and stuff…only reason i updated.

its not hacked its an origional 851s, the burns have been pretty good as far as i can tell except with some dvds i origionally bought when i bought the drive the discs are an31 by sumvision, although nero says it went ok there are unreadable areas at the end of the disc, i have also read the that for liteons theses are discs to stay away from.