851S and Memorex DVD-R problems

I got same disk from office depot(memorex DVD-R 4x). it is manufactuere at taiwan.

I am able to burn the disk at 4x and not working in my dvd player.

Is there any problem to burn Memorex disk at 4x.

I bought the 10 pack of the memorex DVD-r 's and have had 3 good burns and 1 bad burn on them. I was backing up my ps2 games with nero. The bad burn went fine but the disk is not recognized at all by my ps2.

Anyone else have this problem and what is the best media for an 851s?

they are likely CMC made media, and no where near good enough for 4x burning in the LiteOm burners. Try 2x burning.

Absolutely no problems here on 401@411 and now 401@811. Burnt already 2 spindles, all readable, all in the range of the scan attached…

I purchased a 5pack of these dvd-r’s @office depot as well and was only able to burn @2.4x in Nero 5.5.

I have the 851s w/ latest firmware. Nero is the only dvd burning software I currently have installed. Any suggestions on how to get these disks to burn @4x ?

Here is a KProbe of 4.04GB Data Files on a Memorex 4x DVD-R burnt with a Lite-On 851s.

(Say that 10 time fast :wink: )