851S and CDRW Ultraspeed 16-24x Verbatim




please help me

the 851S burns Ultraspeed CDRW 16-24X only with 16X. I burned with the last Nero Version.

FW GS08 16X
FW GS0A 24X (not offizi.)
FW GS0C 16x
FW GS0F 16x (new from Liteon)

When i burn this Media with my Yamaha F1 all testet Media burns with 24 x. I have test fullformat but after it burns again with 16x on the liteon. Smartburn-Test “say” 24x.

What´s the problem ???

I have also tried memorex 16-24 UltraSpeed CDRW but the burned also only with 16 X.



My Verbatim 16-24x discs work at 24x (using GS0C… haven’t tried GS0F yet)… have you tried the media in another drive?


yes i tried in yamaha f1 an can burn 24x without any problems. i tried different media of verbatim ultraspeed.



I tried it with my GS0C with Nero yesterday, and it seems to burn at 16x too.

It says it WILL burn at 24x, but the realtime burn speed never exceeds 16x

The same disc burn at 24x on my 52246S and 52327S


thanks for test, i think other user mean when nero show 24 than the liteon burn with 24. with the reg-hack you see the real burn speed.



disable smart burn in ero and the disc will burn at 24x