851s and cdr's = problems

I have a liteon 851s and when burning videocd’s onto cdr’s (tiayo yuden) the end always comes out screwed up. The image(s) are not larger than the cd and work fine when burned with my old 8x cd-rw drive. Different firmware didnt help. Funny thing is i tried using ashampoo cd recorder instead of nero and it burned one image without problems but since that one time it hasnt worked either. Also tried burning at slower speeds, and that didnt help. Any help would be appreciated.

Hmm. That’s strange. I’ve always used TY CDRs lately and my 851S never exhibited any problems. :confused: What firmware are you using? I’m using GSC2…

Im using the GSC2 firmware also. Its weird, im thinking it might be a software problem or something. Maybe the drivers, but i dont think they can be updated right? Does aspsi make a difference? Cant seem to figure this one out :). Maybe the drive is broken, cause it doesnt want to burn cdr’s (any kind) well.