851S @ 832S Wont Spin Up/Down CD's



For some reason my 851s just wont run the Spin Up/Down test on cd’s, it will however run it on DVD’s and it will run every other test fine, when i run the test the drive light flashes rapidly and CD Speed comes up with an unrecoverable read error, the drives 100% fine other than that so im thinking possibly a VSOG FW bug? my other drives all run the tests fine

So if people running VSOG/CG5G could try running this test and see if it works id appreciate it!!!


I’m running CG4E on my 851S & it spins up OK for both CDs & DVDs with CD Speed.


Just for you I’ve updated my 851S to CG5G. It spins up CD & DVD as before.

Not sure how this helps exactly although it would suggest that the firmware is OK.


Thanks TimC well atleast its not the FW then