851S @ 832S Burning Problems

Ok I flashed my LiteOn Codeguys latest Firmware. I have also Reset my Learn’t Media. Went back to the original 851S firmware. Now I’m I’m back to Codeguys newest Firmware. (Thanks Codeguys For The Great Firmware)

Loaded a image in DvD Decryptor started the burn at 8x speed. Fuji T02 media. Started at 4x then the buffer drops a little starts burning then at 3.2x then it shoots up to 6x then to 6.1 then buffer once again drops down to like 5.2x. Then it shoots up to 8x then to 8.1x. Went to verify the disc couldn’t even verify it. Took the dvd out looked at the bottom there was all kinds of dark and black markings completely horrible burn. Should the buffers be dropping like this? I recently got a Dynex Dvd burner it stays at 4x then 6x then 8x no buffer drops or speed drops etc (excellent burns). Is anyone else out there having these types of problems. Switching from T02 to R01 media does this help or any other type of media?

I read alot of people was having problems with T02 on 851S. But they never said if they got a successful burn at 8x with a different media. Also I ask some who are having these types of problems come forward an let me know if you were experiecning the same problems I am. SO I can figure out if its a media issue or a drive issue. I can get good burns at 2x though. At 4x it want’s to get this spiral in the burn. I have tried dvd decryptor, nero, alcohol 120% with the same bad burns at 8x. Alos if you have any suggestion on waht to do next it would be appreciated.

Also my system specs are

Windows Xp Professional
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
Amd Athlon 64 3200+
1 gig of Ram

@ UnNaMeD1 welcome :). You need to get Kprobe 2.4.2 and scan @4x speed. With the disc is still in the drive, click the diskette icon and save as a .PNG. Attach by using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. You can read about the scans here . It may help to also read the Please read: Posting guidelines for this forum , linked from the top of the forum homepage :slight_smile: .

Also, make sure your DMA is enabled and in ‘ultra DMA mode 2’. Close all programs running during your burn. Defrag your HDD, and make sure you have 5+GB free space. If you are having buffer underruns, this should help.