851 vs 812s @ 832s!

i borrowed a 812s and i already have a 851s, both have been flashed to 832s. here are the results.

812 - burnt and read.

812 - burnt, but 851 read

851 burnt, but 812 read

851 burnt, 851 read

for those of use who where confused

if you take out the spikes, they are pretty much the same thing.

was there something else you wanted to show?

I just saw a lot of posts, about whether to get a 851s anda 812s. But in all the posts i saw, none had pics. Thus i made some for those who wanted them.

they look like pretty good scans and pretty much the same when you look at them on the same scale :slight_smile:

Yes all of those are GREAT scans. The CG3B firmware is the way to go!! :iagree: