851 sound problems

When I try to play a dvd I get no sound yet when I play a cd the sound works fine.
I record a movie and the sound works fine on my dvd player yet it won’t work on my computer.Where do I begin and how do I correct this problem?

What software DVD player are you using?
What soundcard do you have, and are the drivers up to date (if it’s ancient, it might not be able to play audio sampled at 48khz)?

The problem is very likely not with your 851s, but rather with one of the issues I mentioned above.

Sound Blaster 5.1, Power DVD and the drivers are up to date. It was working fine and suddenly no more sound with dvd’s. I have tried reinstalling both Power DVD and the drivers for my sound card but that didn’t help. What else mite it be?

are you using a 5.1 channel speaker set up? The only thing I can think of is that PowerDVD is getting the soundblaster to output in 5.1 (to the SPDIF, coax or optical outputs). Try setting the audio in PowerDVD to stereo only. Also try ripping a DVD to your harddrive and playing it from there, to eliminate the 851 as a problem for sure.

Fixed I reloaded Directx and everythings fine.
Thanks for the ideas