851: Different Firmware, Very Different Scan

Hi, I have a 851S drive, and I noticed that with just one firmware I can get really good scan. This firmware is the GSOH. With all other firmware, I get really bad scan with KProbe, but It was suspicious for me that dvd with very bad scan can then be read normally.
So I burned an MCC002 dvd+ (4x) at 8x with the VSOA 851@832 firmware and then I scan it with this result:

Then I scan the same disc with the GSOH firmware and look how much it is different:

And the same result is with dvd burned with GSOH.
So, wich firmware tell me the truth?

We have covered this in a couple other threads in the past few days - the latest firmwares are proving problematic for 851’s… both the latest 851 firmware (GS0Q) and the latest 832 firmware. You could give the modded 812 firmware a try, but right now I’m sticking with GS0H myself.

  • Gurm