851 capacity problem



i got a lite on 851 burner

If I try 2 copy a dvdr to dvdr nero & alcohol both tell me there is not enough space on the disk, even tho the source disk came from the same spindle & was burned b4 i flashed 2 the latest firmware.
Nero tells me that the source disk has a total capacity of 4490MB
& the target blank disk has an available capacity of 4488MB, Thats 2mb short & won’t let me carry on. i’ve tried different blanks (the one’s that come free with the drive)

What i would be interested 2 know is what u guys get available capacity on a blank dvd-r?
But more importantly a solution 2 my prob, i don’t wanna risk damaging or invalidating the warranty by downgrading the firmware if i don’t have 2.



I have had the exact same problem. When using dvdshrink, attempting to shrimp an image down to default size(which is the full disk) blurts out errors when i pop in a blank dvd. Same error that it won’t fit. I simply have to drop the burn to a custom size(4464->4454 or 4444).

Sorta irritated me but its something that i’ve managed to get around.

I’ve got a 451s@851s GS0C fw rev.

Too date, this is the only real problem i’ve had with the drive.


That seems right. And as far as I know, it’s not possible to overburn DVDs (do a search of this forum to confirm that, if you wish).

+R media has slightly smaller capacity than -R media (by only a MB or so, because +R requires a bit more overhead), so it’s not unreasonable to expect a miniscule difference between recordables and pressed discs.


Originally posted by code65536
it’s not possible to overburn DVDs



Well, i guess that explains it…maybe. I sorta assumed dvdshrink would shrink to a default size that would work with both dvd-r and dvd+r formats. The default full disk(4464) size does not work with dvd-r or dvd+r …so i don’t think its an overburn issue unless the default size is a bit messed up.


thx thx 4 the replies, don’t really explain why i can’t copy from 1 dvdr to another, & where the missing 2mb has gone 2, the dvdshrink custom size thingy isn’t a prob coz i have 2 rip anyway, but 4 a str84ward copy is a pain in the a$$!