851@832s Won't burn -R at 8x



I’m fairly new to all this. The Omnipatcher and accompanying instructions made it very easy, but I’ve got a problem I can’t seem to find a solution for.

I’ve got a stock 851 crossflashed to 832s. Due to ridiculous prices I’ve only burnt one DL disc as a test and it works beautifully. I’m using VS0G fw.

So there’s a pile of Memorex DVD-R 8x (prodiscF01) discs on my desk. I just burnt one, and it only let me do so at 4x. I checked nero infotool, and it says that the highest burn speed is 4x. I checked the write strategy in Omnipatcher and it indicated prodiscf01 is set to write at 8x.

Any ideas on what the problem might be? Something about user error?


This is normal. The 851S@832S upgrade is only a DL upgrade and does not upgrade the -R writing speed. This is because the _51S hardware is physically unable to write -R at 6x/8x (8x +R and 2.4x +R DL work just fine, though), so we made the 832S firmware disable 6x/8x -R if it detects that your hardware is _51S.