851@832 - first DL test, looks good!

I’ve got an 851SX (external USB), flashed with CG3E. After having some problems in the past with the new firmware, I finally got at least 4x burns really good, and then found out the drive I burn from was dying, which could explain some things. Spent the last few days burning what I could off of it before it died a miserable death.

Bought a new WD 120GB (8mb cache) and also the Verbatim +R solution kit at Best Buy. Figured with a clean drive I’d test the DL burning. Copied over 8GB+ of stuff and fired up Easy Media Creator 7 and burned it at 2.4x.

Here’s the Kprobe scan. Am I imagining things or does this look really good? Finished in 44 minutes, btw. It’s a bunch of MP3’s and Movies and they play fine on my other DVD-ROM in the machine, an old NEC, thanks to autobitsetting.

This is really cool! Just wish the DL prices would come down.

that seems to be pretty good.if the price would come down i think i could live with that result

@ turbojuan
Great burn for a DL. Glad to hear you have finally gotten your 851@832-CG3E sorted out and working fine:). Congrats!