851@812 strange yuden scans



using fuji 8x dvd+r, if the first part of the disc was like the rest i would be happy.
the strange thing is, it has no playback issues.
i would like to try another firmware, but anything else (and ive tried them all)
results in pi/pif in the thousands.
but it seems to be reading a problem rather than burning a problem, as the discs are playable.
i just dont understand why other 851s owners can use 832s firmware and i cant.
i have found that the firmware that gives half decent scans is 812 usog, anything else gives false results.
so i wondered as im stuck with usog, can i add codes to it if i buy unsupported media.


That is a minor problem, just follow the link in my signature :). The major problems are the bad results in the 4x and 6x burning area. Which firmwares have you tried ? Do they all behave the same ? Have you tried to reset the learned behavior with C0dekings eeprom tool ?