85 min CD




I lent a Audio-CD from a friend and discovered it's 85 min long.
Now I don't know how to copy it:
can I buy CDs with a capacity of more than 700 MB (80 min)? How far can I "overburn" a 80min-CD without destroying my YAMAHA 4416?
I'm using the Prassi CD-Replikator, so "overburning" should be no problem.


PS: mabe "overburning" isn't the correct phrase, but I'm just a stupid german!


i think it’s just a stupid copy protection
just make an image with clonecd and the burn the image


do that what impulz said or make mp3s of the cd and burn them with esy cd creator 4 onto a cd and it will work. but the most easy why
will be burn with clonecd


I also think it’s just some prot!
But I suggest U use Cdrwin 4 your audio 1:1 copying! I never had bad results with it (with audio), that’s why I recommend it!