8480B to 8520B

Hi there! I’m from Portugal and my english is not very good, however I’ll try to share my experience!

All begun with a simple mistake, at a store I bought 2 ultra-speed cd-rw. when I got home I noticed that my GCE-8480B couldn’t write on them.

The search begun! :rolleyes:

I Updated it to firmware 1.05 but, sadly it wasn’t enough.
So I somehow understanded we coul have a “new drive” and not spend money!!

I got to read here that we could transform a 8481 in a 8520B so I thought: “8481?! Why not 8480??”:wink: All in portuguese of couse!:a

So I’ve manage to convert the firmware of a 8480B to a 8520B and it is working, ultra speed compatible, but it only works with one light. :cool: who cares! I’ve just recorded a ultra speed cd-rw at 24x. :cool:

Came here to say, if you want to do the same there´s no problem, considering you do everything very very right! :smiley: :iagree:

Thanks for all the help! :bow: