840G Opinions

I just picked up a 840G for $50 from my local circuit city, it is an external drive.

I was wondering what peeps opinions are about the drive, I know it is a plex oem


  1. Is it any good
  2. Can it be changed to a Plex 708A
  3. If not to question 2, can you still use the plex tools
  4. Can the case be used for another drive
  5. Am I asking too many questions :slight_smile:

Look forward to your input.

[ol][li]Yes it’s a good drive.
[/li][li]Not that I know of. However, there is some info in this thread which tells you how you can use the Plextor firmware versions on your TDK drive.
[/li][li]That won’t work as the drive is still detected as a TDK drive. However, you can always try it. Read the FAQ on how to install PlexTools.
[/li][li]Yes you can probably do this. I use my PX-708A in a case which orignally housed a PX-W4012TU recorder.
[/li][*]Of course not, questions are always welcome ;)[/ol]

thanks for the info.

I got Plextools to run, but it does not give me any of the features of the testing like C1/C2, all the other features like CD player etc work ok.

If other users have access to those on the 708A then obviously the oem is killing me, I too could not find a way to convert to a true 708A (seems a easy one considering the Firmwares are identical - not that I could do it my self lol)

The Plextor PX-708A does not support the Q-Check functions (such as C1/C2 and PI/PO testing) in PlexTools so you’re not missing anything here. I think you can only use PlexTools for audio ripping or recording a data or audio disc. Can you use the bitsetting option in PlexTools for your drive?

nope, a lot of the “cool” functions are not enabled…Although I was able to bitset via DVDinfo