832SX and Ritek G04, yes or no?

Got external Lite-On SOHW-832SX two days ago, and burned 7 Ritek G04 (Arita and Traxdata) coasters with different firmware settings (VS08 tweaked and original and even with downgrade to 812S). I am reading through different threads about problems with Ritek G04 media, but also found few posts with OK burns. Also tried Verbatim 2x -R (CMC) and 4x +R (MCC), also one TDK DVD+RW 4x (Ricoh), all of them work excellent, tested with KProbe and Nero CD/DVD Speed, even better than the same media burned on my Plextor PX-708A. So, is there any chance to see some further firmware release that address Ritek G04 media, or it’s due to my faulty(?) unit ?

My LiteOn drive doesn’t like Ritek GO4’s and you’ll find that will be the case for alot of LiteOn drives. LiteOn’s give better results using +R when compared to to -R. My Pioneer however loves them and the resutls are excellent.

Its not only picking the right media, but sometimes the right media for your drive.

Using the G06 write strategy I’m getting pretty good results with G04 @ 8x with my 812@832. Here’s a couple of examples

Yes, I allready saw that and tested burning Arita 4X (G04) at 8x using G06 writing strategy. When I checked look of recording side there were three different colored zones. Plextor PX116A can’t even detect that media, and Lite-On reported unrecoverable errors. Another coaster :frowning:

For what it’s worth, I have about 10 Ritek G04s that are either marginal burns or coasters. I have 812S@832S VS08 and the media was Ridata bought from newegg.com.

I’ve tried the following strategies with varying success, none yeilding “good” results with KProbe: Ritek G04, Ritek G06, MXL RG02, MXL RG03, and one of the TY strategies. I’ve tried 4x and 8x burns, none of the 8x were readable. Most of the 4x were readable (some drive thrashing when reading and long wait times to see directory contents). It turned out the best burn I could get was using the G04 strategy at 4x. The KProbe numbers were: PI Max=600’s, Avg=250’s; PIF Max=20’s, Avg=6.

Like I said, it was readable, but not a pretty scan.

Probably I belong to the side that Ritek (Go4c) always …always give me quality burns with no prob at all with my 812@832 LiteoN

i GET identical results with the new 832 firmwares and a bit better

Well, that speaks something about Lite-On drive(s) quality. I think I am going to sell my 832 and wait for some DL Plextor, Pionner, HP or something in that class (at least my PX-708A is burning everything on that world I ever had without a single problem with excellent KProbe results). I will never ever go for low priced low quality drives. Thanks to everybody for infos.

Is important the quality of the disk.
This is a pretty good RiTEK G04 (Traxdata). :iagree:

Well, I have Arita and Traxdata Riteks that have excellent Verbatim MCC like KProbe results burned on Plextor PX-708A. Lite-On makes coasters from the same media from the same box, and that’s because I am going to take my hands off of Lite-On products. There is no way to speak about bad Ritek quality if it works excellent in some drives, and doesn’t work in some other. If the problem would be in media, than even Plextor would burn coasters or just low KProbe score.

This is the story. Some bach of ritek works well with LiteOn drives, other no.
The same problem there is with all dvd burners. Also NEC have problems with some batch of ritek. Is possible that a batch work well in a NEC drive and not in a LiteOn drive or a Plextor drive, or the contrary.
Why all Taiyo Yuden discs works excellent with all drives? Because disc quality is very high and burning strategy is easy.

Don’t know if I am just lucky or what. Between my 832s and 851s, I have burned about 50 Ritek G04’s with no coasters.