That same thing happened to me in January when I was buying a 411s! It wasn’t on the Wal Mart web site so I couldn’t get Circuit City to “match” the Wal Mart price on the 411s which was $30 less than Circuit City at the time!

The reason this was so “important” was because my local Wal Mart’s were “out of stock” on the 411s at a great price (my friend was able to buy one the day before I tried after hearing about the 411s @ Wal Mart cheaper than anywhere else locally), so I couldn’t get the 411s from Wal Mart because they were not in stock & even though Circuit City had the 411s in stock they wouldn’t match the lower Wal Mart price because since the 411s wasn’t on Wal mart’s web site or in an “ad of some sort”, Circuit of course “didn’t’ believe me” and needed “proof”, so I had to get the 411s from Circuit and wait 8 weeks on a rebate to bring the price near the Wal Mart “up front” price!

That’s why I usually buy from New Egg. :slight_smile:

I am trying to get a 832s but Newegg is out of the retail version. All they have is the OEM version with SW. Anybody know what is the difference between the OEM and retail version of this drive?


Bundled software, me thinks. :cool: Anybody else…


Actually the OEM has the SW bundle. You just do not get the +R and -R disks like with the retail. I order the retail832s and was a little distubed that LiteOn did not provide a DL disc but anyway.