Somebody please explain the fact I get can get this drive for $95 and when I drive down to Best Buy the only damn store that has it, its $170?

This is in Tampa, FL so if anyone has suggestions on a good store I would love to have suggestions.

I would rather not order online but I will if they make me. Now with that said, should I just wait for the 16X Dual Layer Memorix drive ( my cdrw works good ).

From a few posts, You can purchase a 812S at Walmart (everyone has one close) for $99 now !!!

Hmm weird here in germany you can order an 832S online for about 99-110€(Retail) O.o
Why such a big price difference in US ?

832S just arrived here in the US. Best on-line price is around $99 from newegg. Retail is a whole different story…

Actually 832s as been out for weeks now, I mean I read posts where people had it and my local stores don’t have it.

Whats strange is Walmart.com doesn’t have it, no websites even on the liteon besides one store which sadly I don’t have a membership to has it.

Whats funny is bestbuy does have it, but its not on their wbesite, did I mention I hate bestbuy.com?

Why would somebody in Germany have it before American stores, I thought Liteon Was an american based company :a

No, LiteOn is Taiwan-based. And it’s common for other places to get new LiteOn drives before we do. :sad:

Newegg has it, though. And because of their prices, I’ve always purchased from Newegg and not other places. They also have the new 1213S, which I’m seriously considering getting right now…

I’m sure you can live with that, you get everything else computer related before us Euros :stuck_out_tongue: (and usually cheaper :()



Well shoot :a

I guess I will have to wait, by the time by stores get it, it will be Aug and I can get what I want :Z

'cuz I’m beginning to think that this drive’s got a future… :slight_smile: I know it looks depressing now. But, well, crosses fingers.

Sadly my local walmart only has the 12s which for $99

Should I get that and make it a double layer, or wait till I can get the real thing?

I mean the only reason I want it, is so that when double layer disk are afforable I will be able to use them. Even if it means spending 80 minutes to burn them, instead of getting a faster single layer drive, then spending the money again for a double layer drive.

Why not just buy off of Newegg? Free shipping, and it’ll save you about $30. And all you lose the instant gratification of physically grabbing a box off the shelf. :wink: In fact, you can get the 1213S for just $90 from Newegg and get 5 free G04 discs thrown in as a “customer appreciation gift.” Heck, I just threw in $90 for just that about an hour ago. :o

Its not an option for me :$, its not about the money, its about the stores screwing with me.

Newegg is the most reliable and reputable online dealer… ever. If they can’t be trusted, nobody can be.

I don’t dispute that, I just don’t want to order online, I will find the drive I want even if I have to call up bestbuy corp and inform them that their prices are unfair.

Good luck with that…They are already crying because customers are taking advantage of their “weekly specials” and they aren’t making any money from them.
If you want to see for yourself…look here

“Demon customers”? LOL. Hmm. You know, the first person who I thought of when I read that was cnlson and his zillion rebates. :wink: Plus, his avatar’s been pretty demonic lately, no?

Best Buy (IMO) really doesn’t have too many deals that are worth pursuing the only time i have good luck there is if i can find an item at a competitor that is priced under so i can use their price guarentee (110% if memory serves) in the last year i have been in their twice. can’t remember what the other time was but i did get my 411s from them for 79.99 AR which now stands as the most that i have paid for a dvd burner… i got my 811s for 51.99 and nec2500a for 39.99.

after reading the article i guess i have one question: if best buy can’t make a profit selling things for the same price everyone else is what is their problem?

@code – i am not much of a problem for the store…(i don’t think) i might be more likely to be a problem for the rebate house but (knocks on wood) i have had very few issues with rebates and in most cases one call took care of everything.

the demon thing is because i follow the master… wes

That’s what I did.

I was about to order an NEC 2510 after getting tired of bad scans with my 411@811 but I saw the 812s sitting there when I was wasting time while my wife was getting groceries (the Super Store Wl Mrt variety) & after I did a price scan on it & saw that it was $99 I figured it was worth checking out & I’m glad I bought it as it has been a million times better than the 411@811 at burning on both + and - which means I’m also glad that I went with the 812s instead of waiting a week for the NEC to arrive. I can rest easy knowing that all disc’s that I burn will be “OK” this week for a change vs. with the 411@811.

By the way, the 812s is now running 832’s VS08 (Omni patched cross flashed) & the results are just as good so far (maybe better on newer media to be tested yet) as it was with US0N as a 812s.

For the quality, performance, and convenience I would suggest the 812s to anyone looking for burner at the moment. The dual layer ability now while running as a 832s is a nice bonus too, although over 1 hour burns with over 8GB of data on dual layer media doesn’t sound like “fun”. :slight_smile:

So the new 32s firmware is good enough to get a 12s and update?

If so I am going to Walmart tommorow :slight_smile:

Best Buy is horrible, they have the drive I want, but its marked up so high I can’t stand it.

What sucks is walmart.com doesn’t have the drive on their website, so I can’t compare, plus bestbuy.com doesn’t have it either.