832S won't read certain DVD disks



I have a SOHW-832S that won’t read certain DVD data disks -

It reads DVD movie disks - it reads DVD RW disks (that I burned in another drive) - it reads CDROM data disks - it reads CD music disks - but it won’t read commercially prepared DVD data disks like vendor software program disks.

Anyone had the same experience? Any fixes?



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Is your drive a real 832S or was it crossflashed from another model. This is a long shot but try using a different power supply for your system or try the drive in another system and see if it the same…


it’s an original drive that came with a compaq presario. it’s still under warranty but they won’t fix the drive until you have done a total destructive reinstall - then they give you another drive (which might have the same results).
it’s a strange problem alright.