832s w/CMC MAGE01 oddity



I’m getting good burns with these discs…but near about 75% of the disc being burned I get high PI Kprobe readings. Well, at least on the first two dvds I’ve done. The PIF readings are excellent, so I hardly care about the odd high PI reading, but just wondering what people think might be the problem.

The burner I’m burning them with is the one the Kprobe scan identifies in the scans. Both burned at 4x. There’s nothing wrong with my computer hardware as this doesn’t happen with other media. I figure maybe it’s must a fault with the media, which doesn’t really bother me since the PIF’s are so great, or maybe it’s the firmware. But, I have been using this firmware ever since I got the burner without fail.


Search the forum
and change strategy for this media


i would leave this alone cmc have been known to have poor
dyes there is nothing wrong with this burn well within specs…


I’m not exactly sure why CMC get a bad rep with some people. I’ve had no problems so far with the ones I’ve burned, except for the odd readings I’ve posted above.


just a bad batch, but its not bad, but just a dye defect in that area of the disc, dont worry too much


Never thought of that. Okay, thanks.