832S + RicohJPNR01 + CG3E -> :)

Just got a 50 pack of RiDATA RicohJPNR01 blanks. Works amazingly well. See the screenshot. (Compared to VS0E… it’s just great).

It’s only these PIF spikes that are ruining the overall picture… but they don’t really matter … do they?

Do you think it’s worth loading Sony’s VY06? What are the odds it would beat CG3E? :slight_smile:

Anyway, way cool code-guys, way cool!!!

I’ve got my best result with this media.
I have just got some RicohJPNR02 (same but 8x) but the results are not quite the same.
I am wondering whether I am better off burning at 4x or 8x?

@octantrum great scans! :iagree: I don’t think those singular spikes will cause any problems. I get them often and I think they are from where the drive either up- or downshifts and/or the drive is recalibrating. They are from de- and recoupling from the burn. Anyone please correct me if I am mistaken on that. As for firmware, I would recommend staying with what is working so well for you.

And, yes, the Codeguys ARE way cool! :cool: :cool: :bow:

@ Revhead I get the feeling from reading around here that R02 doesn’t get as consistently good results as R01, a different dye perhaps? It would be funny(maybe not to you :slight_smile: ) to have to burn 8x@4x to hope to get the results of 4x@8x. Long Live R01! :iagree:

Hi. I use VSOA on my LiteOn 832s, that is the firmware it came with out of the factory. I didn’t bother changing it as my results at 4x burning are already perfect. I have only burned one disc at 8x and that scan was also great. I have already posted that somewhere here though…no idea where anymore. Anyway, if my 4x scans are always better then 8x, I would stick with 4x. Better quality then speed I think. Here is a recent result of one of my 4x burns with VSOA firmware.

Erm, haven’t there been more than enough Ricoh scans posted in this forum already?

There are quite some very good scans of R01.
Just curious to know how the r02 look like on newer Liteon drives.

They are much worse indeed than R01 on my 2500A (PI max around 450).

hmm, dual post. Please delete.

From what I have seen, 8*2 drives handles RICOH R02 quite well. (Pay a visit to Media Forum/DVD Media tests, for some good scans.) :wink:

Latest Lite-On DVDRW´s, the 123 and 133 series seem to have problem burning any media with decent quality right now. But a firmware update (and some help from c0deguys) may change all this…
Read here for more info.

Hi Pinto2

Yes I did browse the media forum. Good scans of R02 are still so rare or scans with to good readers to be true, I mean the 8*2 as readers.

But yes I saw one good scan of a disc burnt on a 3500A and scanned on a 411S.

Do you know of someone having such an equipment to confirm (hint ! :slight_smile:

Can I just clarify is this with the stock strategy for the Ricohs? Or is there another recommended strat to use?

Ricoh R01 and R02 media, typically works best with the stock strategies in the 1S and 2S drives. 3S drives require R01 to be switched to the R02 to burn it above 4x as there is no 8x strategy present for R01, like there is in the 1S and 2S firmware.

If you look at the beginning of the [thread=107103]CGxx thread[/thread] you will see some pretty good results with Ricoh R02.

Thanks COdeKing for the pointer.
2S Liteon users do owe you a lot when burning Ricoh media !

how does Yuden000T01 disks compare with RicohJpnR01 disks on LiteOn drives ?
I have a Sony DRU700A patched with CG3B. According to the DVD media guide, I thought TY media is the best for Lite-On burners. Has that changed ?

Ricoh has always been the Liteon favourite. Yuden T01 media used to perform really well but the quality recently seems to have slipped, probably due to pressure to produce more media. Again there seems to be good and bad batches available.

Hmm… based on http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=103664,
I just assumed that TY 4x is the best media and ordered 100 samsung disks from rima.com

can’t find RICOH directly. so I presume u have to buy a branded Fuji/TDK etc.
but even those i read change their preferred brand. so is there a way to get a assured good quality RiCOH JPNR01 disk ?

I don’t care much about speeds… only quality of burn and long lasting media are my concerns. what do you suggest I buy ?

C64K had pretty good results with the Samsung T01s that he got. Ricoh do have there own branded R01 but they are hard to find. Some Fuji and some TDK are good Ricoh R01. Medias like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what ya guna get. :bigsmile:

I’ve been buying Ritek Ritada branded discs from newegg
that are actually ricohjpnR01 and work great.

daxon is also great for my 832. pi less than 10

Same results for me…
RITEK RIDATA with R01 is the best media for my 832s